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Commercial Ice Machine Repair

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Commercial Ice Machine Repair

Commercial ice machine repair can seem like a daunting task, when you partner with the right commercial ice machine company, they can absolutely be repaired. The most common problems with commercial ice machines typically stem from hard water problems and the lack of a quality ice machine water filter. Hard water entering ice machines can cause an ice maker a lot of problems. Hard water will cause scale to build up inside an ice machine. Scale can cause parts like water inlet valves and water dump valves stick open or closed. This can lead to ice machines overflowing with water if the inlet valve fails open or cause all your water to be pumped down the drain if the dump valve fails open. If your water inlet valve seizes closed due to scale build up, your ice machine will trip off on an error due to low water. Ice machine dump valves that fail closed will not cause an ice machine to stop because of an error, but the ice machine will become extremely dirty very quickly, because it can’t get rid of dirty water. Calcium and magnesium, the minerals that make up hard water, also known as scale, can cause more problems than just to inlet and dump valves. Scale can cause pumps to seize up and the plastic inside the ice machine to become coated with a thin layer of scale build up. Manitowoc and Scotsman ice machines use an ice thickness probe to tell the ice machine when there is ice ready to be dropped off the ice making grid, or evaporator, into the ice bin. When these thickness probes get covered in scale, it causes them to be less sensitive to ice production and cause the commercial ice machine to make very thick ice. A good ice machine water filter can help keep scale from causing your ice machine to break.

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